Social Media ROI – How to Measure


Social Media ROI, How to Measure

Social Media ROI, an that Infographic illustrates how marketers determine the Return on Investment for Social Media campaigns used with an effective Inbound Marketing strategy.

Many global companies such as Ford Motor Company, Campbell’s Soup Company, Jack Daniel’s, Warby Parker, EA Sports and Gap have been early adopters of Social Media and embraced Cutting-edge strategies in mobile, geo-local, and commerce-driven social media.

While these companies are major players, they have proved that Inbound Marketing and Social Media just works on any budget scale as long as your Social Media campaigns are properly supported and tracked using smart metrics behind your Twitter, Facebook and other social efforts.

Understanding if your sales are a result of your Social engagement is key to effective spending of your marketing budget, after all, while it may be fun to have a social media campaign its even more fun when your making money. Effectively tracking your Social Media ROI is ‘The Holy Grail‘ Of Marketing On FacebookTwitter, And Pinterest.

Again, while social media is not the magic bullet you may have been hoping for, it can be the most effective marketing tool in your arsenal. It takes time, energy, and creativity; Key ingredients to success include building new relationships and effectively integrating social media into your current marketing efforts.

[testimonial author=”SocialShop Study – by Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide”]

  • 42% of Americans are using social media to shop–this equates to nearly 95 million social shoppers in the U.S.
  • 42% of social shoppers are using Facebook more than they were a year ago, while 55% of shoppers are utilizing daily deals more and 46% of shoppers have increased engagement on review sites and forums


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