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From email marketing to social media marketing, companies and brands are now presented with a dizzying array of choices for a media campaign. Now Instagram is becoming a corner stone for social media campaigns and many companies are looking for innovative new ways to use the service.

There is no denying Digital Marketing is the most effective form of brand promotion or lead generation and great companies understand the power of social media to increase brand awareness; If the Calgary Zoo’s latest social media data is any indication, it just joined that list of great companies.

Calgary Zoo gets Social with it’s 2012 Annual Report

Annual Reports are created by companies to provide an analysis and assessment of the trends of the past year. I am sure we can all agree, annual reports are not exactly content your digital marketing team may have considered including in its social media campaign, but its a great time to start thinking about it!

The Calgary Zoo took a big risk this year and traded its traditional printable PDF for an environmentally-friendly Instagram powered social media campaign. Proclaiming 2012 to be “The Year of the Penguins” we are  greeted with an official welcome note from President & Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Clément Lanthier.

calgaryzoo 2012ar on Instagram - Message from the President
calgaryzoo2012ar on Instagram – Message from the President

The digital marketing campaign was released over a four day period, with the Calgary Zoo posting 55 photos and captions full of all the stats, financial statements and Information one would expect from a solid Annual Report.

With Instagram, It Is Beautiful.

Companies and brands should be inspired by their creatively social approach. Instead of relying on capturing attention from the busy photo stream, having each photo contain important information made their Instagram profile page a destination. As noted in one of the images it’s “A new world every day” and indeed it is, because this is arguably a first on Instagram.

calgaryzoo2012ar on Instagram - Communications
Companies and brands should be inspired by their creatively social approach.

In 2012, the zoo’s communications team earned a record $6.7 million in AVE (Advertising Value Equivalency): more than 1,500 news items were generated with an audience reach of over 63 million and an 89 per cent positive or neutral tone. Twenty-eight new videos were posted to YouTube, with a total of 875,614 video views and 354 days of view time exposing a broad audience to the Calgary Zoo brand and stories.

Social media success.

Inspired by the Calgary Zoo, companies and brands should be asking themselves – how can we improve our brand and increase our public awareness while generating these types of massive advertising value equivalencies?

The best of #calgaryzoo
The fun does not end here, we are invited to interact by making use of the #calgaryzoo hash-tag!

A Digital Marketing Agency can help you claim social media success by focusing your online marketing efforts – and keeping your budget harnessed.

#GetSocial, add Instagram to your Marketing Toolkit

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