Social Media Marketing

Many companies don’t consider that social media is part of the experience of today’s consumer. If your prospective clients are on social media, we will help you develop an integrated communication strategy and social campaign to connect you with your online audience.

The Power Of Social Media

As a Social Media Company we understand the massive decline of outbound marketing is in direct response to this recent and fundamental shift in consumer behavior, where People are in control of what information they receive and how. An obvious conflict with outbound marketing, where the company is in control of the information a consumer receives.

Over 200 Million Americans have registered their phone numbers on the FTC’s “Do Not Call” list, 91% of email users have unsubscribed from a company email that they previously opted to. These trends explain why trusted methods of the past like Telemarketing, Email Marketing are now dead advertising money.

Did you know ?

To begin understanding the impact social media marketing can make on your business, look no further than these statistics:


78% of American Facebook users have discovered something to purchase via this platform


YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine


25% of all referral traffic that goes to retail websites comes from Pinterest


90% of marketers have noticed their social marketing efforts increasing their exposure

A Social Evolution

Consumer trends show the best way to attract attention for your brand, product or service is by earning peoples interest as opposed to the OLD marketing models that attempted to buy people interest. Inbound marketing embraces the two-way medium of Social media and has revolutionized the way companies communicate and interact with their customers.

Our proven 24-Month Social Media Plan provides you a unique opportunity to have an ongoing relationship with your current and potential customers. Companies are now able to connect real-time, converse, discuss and build long term loyalty through effective interaction and engagements using social networks.

Social Business is an advent of a new age in online marketing. With the world moving towards being more interconnected and intelligent than ever before, its population continues to embrace social computing and today’s businesses must embrace these new platforms to connect with its clientele.

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Located in 100 Mile House, the heart of British Columbia’s South Cariboo, Cariboo Media is a Canadian privately-owned Digital Marketing Agency.

An effective social media plan is just one pillar of your digital marketing strategy. You wouldn’t drive your car without oil; the same goes for digital marketing. If you want to drive results with your digital efforts, your digital marketing strategy needs to go beyond social.

With our proven track record of helping clients reduce costs, increase revenue, and achieve real results. Our Research, Strategy & Implementation services for sales, marketing & branding, gives you the advantage your competitor wishes they had. We can efficiently work with a budget of any size to deliver solutions for your online business.

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