Includes one-on-one debrief and consultation. Our Digital Marketing Blueprint service is designed for businesses who want to take control of their own marketing, but just need some guidance. AND as the front-end of our Managed Services program where we do some, or all of the work for you — then help you succeed!


Digital Marketing Blueprint Overview

Includes one-on-one debrief and consultation. Our Digital Marketing Blueprint service is designed for businesses that want to take control of their own marketing but just need some guidance. AND as the front-end of our Managed Services program where we do some or all of the work for you — then help you succeed!

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, why would you start your marketing without one?

The Objective is Simple

You want to take control of your own marketing, but you don’t know where to begin? Maybe you had a false start or two, and you can’t afford another? We can help…

In short, we’ll provide your team with a no-nonsense, actionable digital marketing strategy that is based on solid research and proven strategies with a track record of success.

This is not a tutorial, it’s a solid, commonsense, actionable strategy. If necessary, we will work side-by-side with your team to train, or do the things that you can’t, or don’t want to do. We will Document it, debrief it… and GUARANTEE it.

Our 3-Phase Approach:

  • Situational Analysis
  • Detailed Website Analysis
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy


Before we develop your custom digital marketing strategy, we conduct a thorough situational analysis beginning with a Discovery Session where we learn about your business’s challenges and goals, what you’ve already tried, what’s worked, and what hasn’t:


This is where we learn about the school’s focus, which makes the school unique, and a bit about the competing schools in your area. Most importantly, we create your “Customer Personas”, these are semi-fictitious representations of the ideal customers we will be targeting. This is an essential step that is often overlooked.

Asset Documentation:

We’ll help you organize and document your organization’s digital “assets” such as your social media properties, all your login information, and who on your team has access to what. This is your school’s proprietary information, so we’ll provide you with tools and guidance, but you won’t have to share the information with us.

Google Search Trends Analysis:

Customers are searching all the time for businesses just like yours. It’s essential you know which search terms are more popular so you can create the content to help you show up on Google’s’ search results and satisfy what they are actually searching for. We will track search trends in your area over a minimum of 36-months to capture any cyclical patterns and forecasted trends.


Your website is the hub of all your marketing activities. Online or offline, all roads lead back to your school’s website. Your website is a parent or student’s first exposure to the school’s curriculum and culture. As such, it must be technically sound and visually appealing.

Technical Deep-Dive of your website:

We dig deep into your existing website. We’ll locate areas for improvement and provide you with a detailed analysis pointing out exactly what needs to be fixed. We’ll even give your team direct access to the same Interactive Report that we use ourselves to improve all of our client’s websites.

Eye-Tracking Analysis:

We employ artificial intelligence software that predictively tracks the eye movements of visitors to determine what elements on your main web pages affect visitor behavior positively, and what is being ignored. This will give your team the information they need to maximize the effectiveness of these crucial pages.

Website Messaging & Flow:

We will take an objective look at the layout, flow, and messaging of the site and document our observations, insights, and make actionable recommendations. This is subjective, but we have years of experience. Many of the businesses we work with consider this to be the single most impactful aspect of the Blueprint process.


The final and most important phase is the customized Digital Marketing Strategy that you and your team can implement yourself internally, work with any third-party of your choice, or work with us for the complicated things that you can’t, or don’t want to do.

Tactical Details:

We will list out each strategy with a description and the advantages of that particular strategy. If we are recommending any third-party advertising like Facebook or Instagram or Google, we’ll even include budget analysis, so you can plan accordingly.

Consultation & Planning:

We won’t just dump information and leave you hanging. We’ll go over every aspect of the analysis and strategy with you, and if necessary, we can provide training or consultation where appropriate, and implement the strategies and tactics if you lack the time, bandwidth, skill sets or staff to do it yourself.

Your Library:

Finally, to top it off, we’ll even include a downloadable Library of the same exact research that we used to create your digital enrollment strategy. This is something that you and your team will have permanent access to and can reference whenever you need it.


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