At Cariboo Media, we pride ourselves on employing only the most talented creative services professionals.

Graphic Design: Our graphic designers are encouraged to think “outside the box” so that your message is conveyed in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing – but original as well. They will oversee all aspects of production including pre-press and final print production.

Copywriting: The words you choose to convey your organization’s business are often the first impression that a consumer has of your product or service. Effective copywriting must speak directly to the level of the audience for whom it is directed. Our copywriters are adept at capturing the appropriate voice and gearing it to your specific audience.

Photography: Whether you require product shots, studio work, corporate photography or making the most effective use of stock photography, Cariboo Media offers diverse and cost-effective photography solutions for all of your marketing initiatives. Visit for more information.

Illustration: Illustration is often used in business collateral to convey a whimsical or unique message. It is a special skill that not all graphic designers possess. In fact, many advertising agencies often employ outside illustrators, which can incur major expenses to the client. Our graphic designers are also talented illustrators, offering yet another level of diversity to Cariboo Media’s offerings.