Article Marketing to triple traffic in 20 Minutes a Day

Article marketing does not have to be time intensive; In fact, there is an article marketing strategy so simple, you could even have an intern do it. Follow this workflow and use these article marketing tips to drive herds of traffic to your website, in less than twenty minutes a day! Article Marketing requires Keyword Research The keyword research and title … Read More

Increase your marketing ROI with Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Public relations

Looking for a more effective advertising Platform? Increase your marketing ROI with Social Media Marketing It is always nice to use a method where there is little, to no, hard costs… like social media marketing. Other marketing strategies can have real costs if they fail, but social media marketing is cheap and easy to change. Use Social Media Marketing to … Read More

Social Media ROI – How to Measure

measure social media roi - inforgraphic

Social Media ROI, How to Measure Social Media ROI, an that Infographic illustrates how marketers determine the Return on Investment for Social Media campaigns used with an effective Inbound Marketing strategy. Many global companies such as Ford Motor Company, Campbell’s Soup Company, Jack Daniel’s, Warby Parker, EA Sports and Gap have been early adopters of Social Media and embraced Cutting-edge strategies in mobile, geo-local, and commerce-driven social media. While these companies are major players, … Read More

Make money with Twitter

Make money with twitter

[box type=”info”]This page is an sample of an SEO Marketing landing page for Inbound Marketing using Social Media: Make money with Twitter[/box] Make money with Twitter Whenever we turn around we’re hearing about another public media website offering customers unlimited opportunities; Twitter posts are one of the most lucrative money making opportunities to date. Twitter is a very well-known website that’s gaining more popularity every day. Associates … Read More

social media vs search engine marketing

social media vs sem infographic

Social Media vs SEM The infographic above shows the benefits of using search engine marketing and social media campaigns, depending on the desired outcomes in four areas: generating leads, building brand awareness and visibility of local businesses and interactivity. Where are your marketing dollars going to get the best return in 2012? Where should you focus be, depending on your … Read More