Years of experience in helping our clients craft internet solutions have shown us that your digital solutions’ success can only be guaranteed with careful planning, informed development, and ongoing support.

There are countless companies capable of building you a website, but if you’re truly serious about online success, you deserve our total-service approach. We call it the WSI Internet Solutions Lifecycle, a six-phase development plan that has produced thousands of successful digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes, worldwide.

01. Discovery

The Discovery phase is where we soak up any information we can find on your business. We research the Internet to determine what we think the business is about; then we’ll talk to you and your team to see how you actually want to be perceived.

02. Internet Business Analysis

The second phase of the WSI Lifecycle is the IBA; our patent-pending Internet business analysis methodology that uncovers how your business can benefit from Internet technologies. Whether you’re in the market for something simple or need a complete digital marketing solution with advanced functionality, the IBA will identify specific opportunities to reduce costs, simplify operations and introduce new growth to your business.

The Internet Business Analysis (IBA) is performed at your place of business at a time that’s convenient for you. By asking a series of questions, your WSI Digital Marketing Consultant will gain an in-depth understanding of your business, your market, and your customers. As every business is different, so too are the results of an IBA interview. Once the interview is complete, your WSI Digital Marketing Consultant goes away with all the data necessary to create a unique Internet Business Proposal for your review.

There’s never any obligation following an IBA. Your Digital Marketing Consultant will simply show you where Internet technologies can enhance your business sales, reduce costs or improve processes and make recommendations appropriate to your needs and budget. You may be surprised by what you learn about your business and what the Internet can do for you after you review your IBA and proposal.

03. Build

In this phase, we build the components of the strategy we just devised. We’ll determine who needs to do what by when and kick the project into high-gear. The functions of the Build phase are: Gather requirements, Create, and Revise.

04. Implement

The Implement phase is where we’ll put everything we’ve built into its final place, whether it be on your site, social platform, or behind the scenes somewhere. This phase covers the following: Finalize, Launch, and Test.

05. Measure

During the Measure phase, we measure and track the results of monitor we’ve built and implemented. Whether it’s conversions or organic rankings, we keep an eye on the metrics that we’re trying to improve to understand how things are working. Once we have enough data, we determine how successful our campaigns were at achieving the goals we set out to accomplish.

06. Manage Results

Perhaps the greatest advantage of working with a WSI Digital Marketing Consultant is the support you receive after your project has been implemented. This is where most firms thank you for your business and then send you on your way. At WSI that’s not how we treat our customers. Our Manage Results phase is all about making campaigns more efficient by removing what isn’t working and expanding on the things that are driving results. The main functions of the Manage Results phase are Report and Tweak.

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That’s our WSI Lifecycle™ and approach to helping your business grow. What comes next, you ask? Well, the Lifecycle comes next – it’s a cycle! You repeat the process (or most of the process) over and over because your business is always changing, and so is this place we call the Internet.

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